World SEO Championship 2006

Web business owners commit some SEO & ranking gaffes, sometimes without even knowing what we’ve done. Search Engine Optimization has became a major keyword in the search engine markets today. Search Engine Optimization is also known as SEO, which is simply a method of allowing you to improve your website ranking in the search engine. As the owner of a search engine optimization company, I have seen the SEO industry evolve a great deal over the years but never more dramatically than it is currently. Search Engine Optimization is one of most important keyword in the Internet market today, and it’s time to start a “World SEO Championship” to share all the secrets about SEO among all the Internet webmaster. SE algorithms are like the latest fashions in clothing and they change faster than you can learn them

Search engine optimization can take a true “organic SEO” approach, which is using keyword research and linking as tool. Here, we will focus on both on and off site SEO optimization. Both are critical to aid in getting your site indexed in the search engines in the shortest time possible. Paid SEO is can be a more expensive but much faster route, unless you are among the few who have the time, skills and resources to do it yourself, to keep up with the ever changing rules and various algorithms. While it’s important to spend some time optimizing your website and obtaining links for SEO purposes, spending several hours a day tweaking every page of your site just to please the search engines is not a productive way to spend your time. Also, rather than spending hours building links for SEO purposes, that time could be better spent on adding features to your web site which would prompt more people to return to your site and stay at your web site for a longer period of time.

The truth is that one business is often very different from another and quite often the effort required to get a certain web site at the top of search engine rankings is very different from the effort required to get another site to the same level. SEO is both the technical effort and art of getting your site ranked highly in search results on Google, Yahoo and MSN. If you have optimized your site well, both through on page and off page optimization, and manage to obtain top rankings in the search engines, then you can get a great deal of free traffic to your site, depending on how popular your keywords are that you are ranking well for.

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