Why Bother with SEO?

Why Bother with SEO

So you want people to find your website? First page placement can be as simple as investing a few dollars into paid search advertising. Within minutes your advertisement can be listed at the top of the pack among other PPC listings. When it is this easy to push your site to the top why would anyone bother with traditional SEO?

Paid advertising may be a quick and easy way to get your site to the top, but for many industries it can also be incredibly expensive over the long term. After factoring in the click costs, it is still possible to make a decent profit however if the visitors were to find you in the organic listings, the profit would be much higher.

The search engine optimization industry as a whole is still very young. New firms are springing up all over the place, and many design houses seem to think they have the skills and knowledge it takes to provide these services. While some are good at what they do, they are no substitute for the real thing. It is important to work with an SEO company that is established and well recognized in their industry.

At the front end, having a professional optimize your site may seem like an expensive undertaking, but when compared to the ongoing expense of PPC, SEO is much more affordable in the long run. Typically SEO campaigns start off with a one time fee, and may lead to monthly maintenance to keep your site ranking – in most cases this is much less expensive than the paid alternative.

A properly optimized site achieving top rankings on their own will almost always outperform in terms of conversions when compared to those competing sites placed with AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture), or other PPC services. Typically 80% of searchers will click on the organic listings as apposed to the paid!

While PPC can bring you increased profile and (hopefully) additional profits, one of the biggest downfalls is that when you stop paying, the rankings and traffic are gone. If you take on a professional SEO for a one time website optimization and in the event that your rankings slip for your target phrase, you may retain a number of secondary keyword rankings, and your traffic will not entirely disappear. Remember that in most cases, the initial rankings can be maintained through the use of a monthly maintenance program.

While hands-on SEO is often the best solution to achieve top rankings for the do-it-yourself webmaster, chances are tapping into the brains of a professional SEO through a consulting service can give them the edge they need to compete while reducing costs considerably.

There is no substitute to a properly optimized website when it comes to performance and overall conversions. Sites ranking in the natural listings tend to convert at a higher rate and draw higher numbers of targeted traffic. As the Internet continues to increase in popularity, it will only become more and more difficult to be found, which places more weight on optimization. For anyone thinking of placing their business online, they should strongly consider hiring the services of a professional SEO to get things off to a positive start.

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