A title tag is one of the tags utilized with HTML, which is short for Hypertext Markup Language. This is the most common language used for web page development.

For this article, I will not go into the discussion of HTML because it is a subject that has many well-written books on the subject along with having entire courses provided for it in colleges and technical schools.
In relation to search engine optimization, I will say that to be able to be proficient with SEO, you must understand and use HTML because the web pages that you will create or work with in relation to search engine optimization contain HTML code. There is no getting around this fact. If you want to learn and use SEO, you must learn at least on a basic level HTML.

I will provide posts regarding HTML in the future to address this very very important aspect in relation to SEO; but for this post, we will focus our discussion on the title tag.

The title tag contains the title for a web page. The title tag is constructed as displayed in the example below:

As shown in the example, the title contained in the title tag is “The Title”. The manner in which the title tag is constructed and displayed is based on HTML.

You can place in the title tag almost any text you wish to be the title of the web page. However, in relation to search engine optimization, the title tag is most effective when the title tag includes the keywords and/or keyword phrases for the web page and these same keywords and/or keyword phrase are contained within the text on the web page.

Keywords and/or keyword phrases are the words that the web page content is centered around throughout the web page. The keyword and/or keyword phrases are generally used throughout the web page in a natural reading nature but are prominent in their appearance and use.

The reason why the title tag is important in relation to search engine optimization is because the title tag is important to search engines. The title tag is a very important part of the criteria used by all search engines in determining the search engine ranking for web pages in their databases regarding specific keywords and keyword phrases.

Therefore, if you want to rank well for a certain keyword or keyword phrase on a web page, one of the main optimization tasks you will want to do for the web page is to place the keywords or keyword phrases in the title tag.

However, remember what I said earlier about using the keywords or keyword phrases prominently throughout the web page content because search engines through their algorithms determine what is important on a web page by analyzing the title tag and determining if what is placed in the title tag is an important aspect of the content contained on the web page.

Now by no means is this all that is considered by search engines and their algorithms in determining how web pages will be ranked in their search engine results.

There is much more involved with how a web page ranks for keywords or keyword phrases. The title tag is just one aspect. Yes, an important aspect; but still only one aspect.

Used only by itself, you will most likely not rank well using just the title tag in your optimization efforts unless you are trying to rank for a non competitive keyword or keyword phrase that no one is actually searching for on a regular bases.

If you are optimizing a web page, the title tag should be one aspect of your optimization work. There is much more to be done to successfully rank well for keywords and/or keyword phrases that people actually take the time to search for at search engines.

So use the title tag in all your SEO efforts; but understand why the title tag is important. There is much more to learn about the title tag. This post is an introduction to this optimization task. Learn as much as you can about the title tag and how search engines view and analyze the title tag.

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