As you conduct your search engine optimization, I want to provide some useful information for your SEO efforts.

Therefore, today I want to share with you one of the most important aspects that affect search engine rankings.

The aspect that I will discuss today are the “FACTORS” that search engine algorithms take into consideration when analyzing websites.

For anyone, who is unfamiliar with factors in relation to algorithms, I will give a general definition for both Factors and Algorithms.

First an Algorithm is defined in general terms as a formula or set of steps for solving a particular problem. To be considered an algorithm, a set of rules must be unambiguous and have a clear stopping point.

Algorithms can be expressed in any language from natural languages like English or German to programming languages like Visual Basic.

This is just a very brief description of algorithms. Please remember that entire books have been written on this subject; but for our purpose today it will accomplish its goal.

When discussing search engines, algorithms primarily take the form of computer programs developed using programming languages.

These algorithms are generally massive and complex.

Search engine algorithms are usually a combination of smaller algorithms that are combined to construct one main algorithm.

These algorithms decide, which keywords, search engines ultimately select for a particular web page along with determining how and where the web page will be ranked in the search engine results for the keywords.

Now let’s discuss Factors in relation to search engine algorithms.

Factors are the individual components that comprise the evaluation measures used by the search engine algorithms.

Each search engine such as Google has an algorithm that is used to evaluate web pages, and each search engine has its own unique algorithm.

Moreover, some factors are common across every search engine algorithm; but the importance placed on each factor is different for each search engine and some factors are unique to the individual search engine algorithms.

In addition, another area that search engines are the same is the fact that a weight is assigned to each factor. The weight is basically the importance placed on a factor. The more weight that is placed on a factor, the more it can and usually will affect the rankings of web pages.

Even though each search engine uses factors in its algorithm, the specific factors and the weight placed on the factors are different for each search engine along with the fact that the factors and the weight placed on these factors can change at any point in time.

In reality, algorithms are computer programs that can be changed and/or altered very easily and quickly by search engines. It is in the search engines best interest not to let anyone figure out their algorithms. Therefore, the algorithms are constantly modified for this very reason.

However, in my experience with search engine optimization and studying search engine algorithms, some factors have a greater impact on search engine ranking than others.

If your web pages are structured to focus on these particular factors in a positive manner, your search engine results will improve dramatically over a short period of time.

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