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Unique Article Wizard is pure power. This services submits to articles directories AND also puts your articles on other websites so you’re getting a variety of backlinks here.

The important difference between Unique Article Wizard and My Article Network is that Unique Article Wizard is putting your articles on high quality sites like article directories and not just websites where people are turning their websites into duplicate-content link farms by accepting free articles with 2-3 outbound links per article hosted.

Both of these are recommended, but I have finished testing to see which one is best, and if it’s worth the extra $10.00/month to use UAW instead of MAN (it is!).

Many of my fellow marketers who are heavy into link building and traffic generation highly recommend Unique Article Wizard, while the jury is still out on My Article Network .

Unique Article Wizard is awesome for getting a lot of links to a lot of your site urls because there’s an option to spin keywords and URLs in an article.

This is a crucial thing to consider because one article submitted to 110 sites is actually too much linkbuilding so you want to limit your submissions rate as much as possible, to 20 submissions a day, and spin the heck out of one article to get links to a LOT of your optimized pages and posts.

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