Unique Article Wizard

The upside to Unique Article wizard – You get links, and lots of them.

Unique Article Wizard is so powerful that it is considered best practice to “spin” your URLs and Keywords from within the article you submit so you don’t risk overlinking.

The additional plus side to this is one article “spun” to kingdom come could probably provide backlinks to your whole site..with one article!

That’s powerful stuff…

Oh yeah, plus there’s the viral article distribution features they have incorporated whereby other sites can find your articles on the other sites hosting your article and republish them via your Special UAW article link…
The downside to Unique Article Wizard- tiny bit of a learning curve here, and there’s a 24-hour wait time before your articles go live.

You get so many links so quickly you will have to lower your submission rate as much as possible to avoid overlinking.

Other than those 2 little things, there’s not much that’s bad about Unique Article Wizard.

The Upside to Unique Article Wizard – This is truly a super-powerful and effective system when you consider the cost (it’s only $57.00/month) and how it doesn’t require a lot of your time to use it effectively.

The absolute BEAUTY of their system is the fact that one article can have the anchor text AND the URLS they’re linking to spun so that one article can literally be linking to 15 different urls using 15 different keywords for anchor text.

The reason I know this is because I’ve tried it and it works awesome! I have a network of blogs that generally re-purpose my content therefore the keywords being targeted are usually the same for all the similar posts.

So when I want to write just 1 article to get 5-6 sites highly ranked for a term or two or three or four, I simply spin or rotate the URLs and anchor text around to take full advantage of the massive amounts of links Unique Article Wizard generates.

As a matter of fact, I strongly recommend that you get links to many different sites as possible when you submit articles to Unique Article Wizard because if all those links goes to the same site, it’s a damned shame to waste most of them by “overlinking“.

However, if you only have a few sites and not a whole lot of content, then My Article Network will do you fine, too.

Length of time testing My Article Network and Unique Article Wizard: 2-plus months for My Article Network, 2 1/2 months with Unique Article Wizard…

Conclusion? Both My Article Network and Unique Article Wizard are recommended services, but Unique Article Wizard is powerful (almost too powerful) so you should use it wisely, limit your submissions pace and spin as much as you can. Basically, just use whichever service fits you best right now…

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