Myth or reality, is there such a thing as the Google Sandbox?

In theory, the Google sandbox is a filter affect that Google places on new domains to stop a website from high rankings for the main keywords. The timeframe usually expected for the Google sandbox ranges from six months to one year.

Many people believe that there is such a thing as the Google Sandbox while there are many people who believe that the Google sandbox is just a myth.

Do I believe that there is such a thing as the Google Sandbox? The answer is no.

I do not believe in the Google Sandbox theory. To me, it is a myth.

Yes, the age of a domain can affect a website’s rankings for its main keywords; but this is because normally when domains are new or very young the domains have not acquired the trust, content, backlinks and other important aspects necessary to constantly gain and maintain high rankings for competitive main keywords and not because Google intentionally sets out to keep new domains from ranking high for main keywords by using a Google sandbox.

If a website’s rankings for main keywords are very poor and/or have dropped significantly, the problem is most likely due to changes on Google’s end with their algorithms and database updates combined with the young age of the domain in question because it has not achieved the necessary essentials needed for good rankings.

Moreover, the databases that Google maintains never stay constant. Rankings will change because as Google changes their algorithms and the weight placed on factors in their algorithms this affects every website’s rankings.

When Google has a major and/or minor update which is normally after changes are made to their algorithms, some websites which had their websites structured a certain way related to SEO will see their rankings drop because of the changes made to Google’s algorithms.

On the other hand, other websites that did not rank as well will receive higher rankings with changes in Google’s algorithms because the SEO structure or simply the structure and content on their websites is closer to what the Google algorithms are looking for currently after the changes made to their algorithms.

More importantly, whenever Google updates it databases there are always going to be a shift in rankings to some degree. However, it is important that you do not panic and make a lot of changes when your rankings initially drop.

Usually if your website is structured well, has good content written to enhance your keywords and has quality backlinks with some of the backlinks being respected authority links, within a reasonable span of time you will regain your rankings.

I would suggest that you do not make any changes to your website when your rankings initially drop. Wait two weeks before you make any changes. During this period, many times the rankings will adjust naturally and go back to or close to the previous ranking.

Also, do not contact Google about your concern regarding your website rankings. It is better to just be one unknown website in a sea of billions instead of Google knowing you and your website directly.

If you would like to jump start your rankings back to where they were or if your website has not risen up in the rankings to your satisfaction, a way to speed up the process is to increase your number of backlinks from high quality authority sites and directories.

Most of these authority sites and directories require a payment for their backlinks; but it is worth it in most cases. You have to view it on a case-by-case bases.

Here a some of the best authority directories on the Internet today.

In closing, Google uses many factors in its algorithms and the weight placed on the factors is different and changes constantly. Regarding your SEO efforts, stay consistent and use the most effective SEO efforts that you can related to what Google considers the most important factors in their algorithms.

If you are having trouble moving up in Google’s search engine rankings and/or your rankings have dropped, it is not because of a Google Sandbox.

Google is in the business of providing their users with relevant search results and great websites. Google will not punish your website because your domain is new by using a sandbox to keep your website out of its search results.

Understand why your website is not ranking well and make the necessary changes, then either with a new domain or old domain your rankings will improve in a short period of time.

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