SEO for Accounting Firms

We know that as a practicing accountant you are highly specialized in your sector. In order to rise above your competition, you require expertise within your field.

Whether you offer your services locally, or across the UK and beyond, it is essential that you have a strong marketing plan in place. In fact, your marketing is the biggest determinant of the success or failure of your accountancy business. It has never been more essential to get online and present your services to those that matter the most.


Invest in search engine optimization services from British SEO and introduce your website to your potential customers. We will make sure that your page is highly ranked quickly and naturally. Your company will be at the forefront of search results beginning now, and going forward.

If your accountancy firm is located in a specific city or county, local SEO would your best bet. We will make sure your URL is only seen by people in your target area, instead of throwing good money after people you couldn’t possibly reach. Soon you will begin to build repeat customers, and have an improved ranking on all of the major search engines

Since most people who shop for an accountant do it online first, your future clients are looking for reputable and professional accountants. The first impression that your website leaves is critical to attract the new clients you need to grow.

It takes an investment of time and money to ensure that your digital appearance is appealing. If you don’t keep up with your image, you could find yourself left out in the cold by those who know what stakes are in the game.

If your search engine reputation is in jeopardy, our services at British SEO can turn it around, whether you are dealing with bad reviews, or disgruntled customers.

Our team at British SEO is very experienced in the accountancy industry. We have branded and expanded many namesake companies. We will gladly present you with testimonials and studies upon request. Contact British SEO to turn your online image into an asset instead of a liability.

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