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Once upon a time, in the ‘ancient’ Internet times, when search engines like Alta Vista and Dogpile were popular, it was very easy to rank a website’s page by repeatedly using a keyword on a webpage. There were times when spamming sites with links, whether relevant or irrelevant, was the best way to get your business to the front. Well, those Internet days were taken over by the almighty Google and ever since this search engine has brought about many updates and has become smarter. But, so have the scammers! How will you determine who are the best SEO experts amongst this sea of spam?

There are numerous individuals who tout themselves as SEO specialists, but the bottom line is that a great search engine specialist is very difficult to find, but the right one will do. With the help of the right SEO experts you will be able to improve your page rankings. We do not tout ourselves to be The Great SEO specialists, but we do have the right knowledge and expertise that spans over ten years,so we consider ourselves as the Right SEO Specialist on whom you can rely. We also guarantee top rankings.

Google’s PageRank System

The PageRank system introduced by Google a few years back determines which websites are most useful and have authority, and are delivering value to the readers. The task of an SEO specialist includes conforming to these guidelines and making a webpage’s rank improve. Most of the SEO firms out there will offer you the moon and the stars when it comes to their services, but only a few are able to deliver the results. As one of the most trusted services, we are one of those few SEO companies, which deliver the sustainable change that we have promised for your website. Most of our competition loves to make empty promises and is interested in the money you have given them. They will run away with your hard earned cash after just a few gigs. We are here for the long term and so we understand what your business means to you and we also understand that a business well earned goes a long way.

How to choose SEO Experts?

After you Google “SEO Experts”, you will get a list of top 10 companies. Won’t you be tempted to choose one out of them? These companies are the leading names and practice what they preach, so they must be good, right? Sure, they are good, but they are pricey! Some of these large SEO Firms charge anywhere from $1000 to $10000 a month. If you have a small business, you probably don’t need that kind of mighty SEO or SEO Firm. You would need SEO experts that will work hard for you at a reasonable price. We understand a small business has a constrained budget and at the same time you need SEO specialists who know their work. Thus we offer our affordable SEO services which are result oriented. Plus we never cheat our clients as far as money is concerned. We offer the right budget that is affordable and suitable to your business.

Steer clear of cheesy chasers!

There are many SEO firms which will keep calling you or emailing you and will promise you No. 1 spot on Google. These people are probably going to offer you a No. 1 paid spot through a Google Ad. This is not the same as organic ranking in search engines. Well, we are not amongst that breed, and we only offer organic ways of improving your ranks, which again takes a lot of time.

We do not call you or chase you for the project or pester you with emails.

If you are looking for sudden improvement and increased rankings, then you may go to that SEO Company that has ‘proprietary methods’ of search engine optimization. They probably use all the unscrupulous methods existing online to improve your rankings immediately. The truth is that there is no secret method. We know that Google is run by very smart people. They have built smarter algorithms and know who the cheaters are. As a matter of fact, they have spent all their professional lives chasing and defeating these spammers. The last thing you would want is to get de-indexed by Google only because your “cheesy chaser” used black hat strategies to improve your website’s ranking.

We don’t believe in using black hat methods because we want to earn your respect and most of all Google’s. You can always take a look at our online reviews and see for yourself why are we preferred SEO experts as compared to thousands others. We put in the hard work and hours required to make your campaign successful. We focus on quality and not quantity. As such, we have few but loyal clients who have remained with us for years with many projects.

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