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Make sure your content flows smoothly because search engines read content very similar to a person. If you are just listing off keywords hoping the search engines will see you, they will; but then they will ban you for spamming. You want your keywords to flow with your content almost to the point that if someone was reading your text, they would have a hard time noticing the fitting of the keywords. Doing this will ensure that when a search engine spider crawls through your content, it will see that your website is truly about the keywords you posted in your meta tags and it will count your website as a good resource for that particular keyword.

One last important factor in content writing is staying on top of your content. Google and other search engines like to see websites that are constantly maintained and updated. Updating and adding content to your pages every so often will ensure that the search engines index your pages more often. Blogs are a great way to do this because they are easy to make posts and update content on the fly. Writing a blog post a few times a month or at least once a week will show the search engines that you are keeping up to date on your site and the website was not just something that was created, put live and then forgot about.

Good content is one of the most important aspects of an SEO compatible website. While there are many other factors that are involved in search engine optimization and a trueSEO compatible website, “content is king.” Writing content is not usually the most fun thing in the world so there are companies out there that are professional content writers that can write SEO compatible content for you for a price such as Whether you write the content yourself or you have someone else write your content for you, it will definitely be worth it in the end because the best SEO results come from good content and all other SEO efforts become less and less valuable if you do not have good content on your website.

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