SEM Growing More Complex

Working out a marketing plan for new and evolving websites is a bit more complicated than it used to be. There are a few new things to be considered before embarking on a search marketing campaign than in previous years. Search marketing has become more important and is thus becoming more professional. With growing acceptance of online communication tools, and a number of alterations to the faces of search engines themselves, the marketing arena has
been upgraded from a three-ring circus venue to a Super Bowl sized stadium.

Three general factors push the increasing sophistication of the search-marketing sector. The first is simple; consumers are becoming much more Internet savvy, as are the businesses that advertise on the net. The second is far more complicated; the nature of search marketing has been affected by the popularization of new communication techniques such as instant messaging, email/desktop search, blogs, press releases, social networks and special interest forums. The major search engines are both driving and being driven by the development and proliferation of cool new tools. The third factor is the changing faces of the search engines themselves. Over the past six months the major search engines have introduced new features and advertising opportunities, and new forms of search engines have emerged, giving SEOs and SEMs a lot more to think about and plan for.

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