Relevance of Relevant Content

Relevant Content’s Relevance

Search engines actively and regularly seek new content. As more and more search engine algorithms evolve into complex, human-centric logics, they seek content that is relevant to the search conducted by the surfer. They also want to present freshly updated content to their users. Google sends out its ‘freshbot’ spider to gather and index new material from all the sites which offer it.

But why do search engines want to offer fresh, relevant content to their users? The search engine market is growing at a great pace, and Google has proven that if a search engine gives its users what they are looking for, surfers use that search engine again and again, meaning more business for the search engine. If you found the same old content whenever you conducted searches, would you use that search engine with regularity? No. You’ll go where you can find something new, something fresh, something relevant. These days search engines take their users very seriously. They take the content of your website very seriously therefore.

Since all searches (at least 98%) are text based searches, it matters a lot what text your web pages contain. For instance, if you’re selling desktop images for mobile phone users, you should have lots of information on “desktop images for mobile phones” scattered all over your website. These words shouldn’t be splattered around nonsensically…they should appear in the proper context, only then they are relevant. The search engine robots are so smart that they can recognize the needless spamming of keywords and key phrases. They have developed this strange knack for knowing which pages shows relevant content and which does not.

So if you want join, or remain in the race for high rankings in the search results in the search engines, you should take the freshness and the relevancy of your content damn seriously. The following points explain to you how you can keep your content regularly updated and relevant.

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