If you are new to the concept of Search Engine Optimization or you are a veteran of the field, I am sure either way that you have heard of Google; the current king of online search.

But one thing that many people in the SEO arena do not know or understand is that when it comes to search engine optimization Google is currently your best friend.

Why would I say this? The reason is because it is true.

Let’s take a closer look at Google.

I am not talking about all the accessory products and projects that Google maintains in its ever-growing inventory. I am only addressing the Google search engine. The world famous search engine that the Google empire was originally built on and continues to be the driving force behind Google’s tremendous success.

Most people tend to forget; but it was only a few short years ago that Google unveiled its search engine.

At the time, several search engines dominated the online search arena and Google was not one of the search engines.

Google was just another company that had a search engine. Moreover, Google’s search engine was not visually impressive. It was simple and clean; but very effective.

This fact leads me to my main point, which is that currently Google is your best friend regarding search engine optimization.

Google is your best friend because it provides the largest source of users searching for information on the Internet today.

Frankly it is not even close. Google represents over 75% of the online searches conducted everyday either directly or indirectly through its search partners.

If you want to be successful regarding search engine optimization on the Google search engine, you need to remember one main thing, which is Google is successful because of their search engine. Everything that Google has done and will do in the future is tied to the ultimate success of their search engine. Google understands this; but you MUST also understand this fact.

A search engine is only as good as its search results.

Search engines must provide relevant search results to its users. If the results are not relevant, the users will go to another search engine.

Thus, Google’s search engine is currently the most popular because it provides the most relevant results and it is easy to use. As long as those two facts remain the same; Google will continue to dominant.

If another search engine replaces Google as the most relevant and easy to use, then it will replace Google as the king of online search.

Please, remember that Google was small at one time. Any company can be dethroned. Google can be replaced as the top dog; but it will take a very special search engine.

To be successful in Google’s search results you must help Google provide relevant search results to its users. You do this by conducting SEO in a manner that is within the confines of Google’s guidelines for search engine optimization.

Yes, for a short period of time, you can try to fool Google’s search engine with SEO gimmicks and tricks and you may enjoy good search ranking; however, their algorithm and/or technical staff will eventually catch up to you and deal with you accordingly. Google is in business to help Google succeed. If you try to hurt their success, by gaming their search results with irrelevant results using questionable SEO techniques – you are asking for problems.

On the other hand, if you provide relevant search results through your SEO efforts Google will reward you with good and/or even great search rankings over an extended period.

Therefore, remember Google is currently your best friend regarding search engine optimization because Google is where the majority of users currently go to conduct online searches.

Also, if you want to rank well in Google’s search results, understand that one hand washes the other. You help Google succeed by providing relevant search information and they will help you succeed by providing good or great rankings over an extended period for your websites in their search results.

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