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With My Article Network you’re (supposedly) tapping into a network of 20,000 blogs which means you have plenty of relevant sites to get backlinks from. Your start getting backlinks almost immediately with them, whereas Unique Article Wizard holds your articles for review and will start your submissions for you within 24 hours of your article being submitted.

My Article Network has shown me that it does in fact deliver a lot of links and the only question that remains is how powerful are those links?

The downside to My Article Network – the links are seemingly anemic, lacking power, the articles sometimes lose the proper hyper-linkage which leads to articles being propagated that lead to nowhere, which means you lost your links due to the back-end article hosting area messing up your article.

Plus, if there are sites out there linking to dead links because of your articles, the quality of their site goes down, and as the quality of those sites linking to you goes down, so does the value of their backlinks.

Also, they need to implement a feature whereby the sites that already linked to you/published your articles get skipped so you get links from as many different sites as possible.

The Upside to My Article Network – It’s only $47.00/month and well worth the money. Their article spinner is a great tool and should be used to its fullest extent to create as unique an article as possible. You get links from theme and topic-relevant sites, too.

You can also put affiliate links in your articles and link to squeeze pages and even 3d party virtual real estate, like a blogger blog or Squidoo Lens.

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