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Many web owners who are looking for the perfect SEO service are blinded by a number of myths that make it hard for them to understand the real search engine optimization. Truth be told, SEO is one complicated subject. The fact that search engines keep on changing their algorithms doesn’t make things any easier. Well, there are some factors that remain true when it comes to SEO whereas many others have always been fallacies.

Links are certainly an important ranking factor considered by popular search engines. However, there are a lot of myths surrounding links. One of the most common myths is that having a high number of back links is one of the best ways to rank high in popular search engines. Well, the number of back links your website has doesn’t affect your ranking as much as the relevancy of these links. When it comes to back links, quality and relevancy are very important factors considered by search engines when ranking sites. An SEO services company will struggle to give you a high number of back links but if it does not focus on the relevancy of these links, it is going to be a waste of time. The most vital ranking factor is always relevancy. This is because search engines assume that relevancy is most likely to improve a users’ experience.

Secondly, contrary to popular belief, search engines do not consider the site’s bounce rate when doing their rankings. Bounce rate is not considered by search engines as a very good metric to determine user experience. This is because users can click on so many pages on the same website and still not find the information they were looking for. Ideally, the important thing to check is the time a user spent on certain web pages on the same site. Users who spend more time on a specific webpage are likely to have obtained the information they were looking for. This is why it is for a fact that search engines consider the users behavior metrics like the time spent on various web pages as a ranking factor. However, the bounce rate is not considered as a ranking factor even if it may have an effect on your sales.

Many people also believe that a high number of inbound links will cause their page rankings to increase significantly. All the links on your site must be of exceptionally high quality if they are to have any impact on your rankings. An SEO services company can help you to get this kind of links. In fact, having low quality or irrelevant inbound links will certainly have a negative effect on your site rankings. You need to ask an SEO expert to evaluate your inbound links and help you get rid of those poor quality ones that are lowering your ranking.

Additionally, some web owners believe that having a high keyword density can help them improve their page rank. Well, high keyword density will only make your website pages appear spammy. The importance of seeking professional SEO services is that they always know the right keyword density to maintain in all your web pages. They will divide the total number of words in that web page with the times the keyword appears to determine the density. This value must be in according to the requirements of search engines.

Additionally, the fact that your website is experiencing a sudden fall in ranking doesn’t mean that it has been penalized by Google. Many web owners do not realize that SEO is a continuous process. You cannot choose to invest in an SEO service for a couple of months and forget about it afterwards. Search engines will keep on updating their algorithms every now and then. This will affect your site rankings. To make sure your website remains on the top of relevant searches, you need to implement updated strategies. Most of the websites which are penalized by search engines have been found practicing major SEO violations.

Lastly, unlike what most people believe, there is no single SEO strategy which will work for every online business. In order to succeed in SEO, you must know the strategies that work for your business. SEO strategies are not universal. That is, not all the techniques out there will work for your business. Instead of spending time and money on strategies that do not target businesses like your own, you need to invest in customized SEO services. This can only be found at a professional SEO firm.

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