Organic Baby Gifts For Newborns

Welcoming the arrival of a new baby is one of the joy of life. The new bundle of joy not only needs lots of tender loving care, but also plenty of supplies, such as baby clothing and accessories. Friends, family, and co-workers often help out with the supplies by sending baby gifts to congratualte the new parents, either during organized baby showers or after the baby’s arrival. New parents will certainly appreciate the good wishes and thoughtfulness of these gifts. They will appreciate the gifts even more if they know that the gifts consist of organic products, which are made from food and crops free from pesticides, and do not contain synthetic or artificial ingredients. Therefore, sending organic baby gifts for newborns is an attractive option. This post highlights some organic baby gift baskets for the precious little ones.

1. Organic New Baby Girl Gift Basket:

This beautiful willow basket is filled with high quality newborn accessories that are 100% organic, and include items that cover a baby from their head to tiny little toes. You can find baby shirt, baby beanie, bib, booties, receiving blanket, a Baby & Toddler checklists book, Johnsons 100% Natural head to toe wash, baby brush and comb set, and a plush pink teddy bear. Parents will love these high quality products, and the peace of mind knowing that the clothing items are 100% organic. A similar organic new baby boy gift basket ( in blue) is also available.

2. Deluxe Organic New Baby Boy Gift Basket:

Alternatively, you can send our deluxe version of organic baby gift basket filled with high quality 100% organic fabric baby items to welcome the new arrival. Inside the white basket, you can find two baby shirts, two baby beanies, two bibs, two pairs of booties, a receiving blanket, Johnson’s 100% natural baby lotion, Johnson’s 100% natural baby wash, a lullaby CD, and a plush blue teddy bear. Parents will greatly appreciate your thoughtful gift.

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