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Make More Money From Blogs –Review your site architecture

This may seem drop-dead obvious to you by the time you’re done reading this but it needs to be said; an easy to navigate site makes for sticky visitors and better conversions and SEO results.

The longer your visitors stay to read your content the more attuned they/you are to the reading style of the blog.

With the increasing use of Google’s Chrome browser, it’s becoming even more important to have your visitors staying longer…

How To Make An Easy To Navigate Site that is good for SEO and visitor experience:

Organize your site like a Table Of Contents.

Think of your site as a book that is meant to be read in an easy to understand manner. That’s how the brainless ‘bots and spiders treat your site when they crawl it, and that’s how a visitor to your front page will view your site, too.

Use directories, categories, and subcategories to create silo-style site architectures.

A lot of times, people try to do too much with their sites and the focus of the content is all-over-the place.

I’ve been guilt of putting all my eggs into one basket which is why I starting building more sites that stay on theme consistently.

Nowadays, I have 2 home business reviews sites, one site devoted to link building services, one site about tips for increasing website traffic, and so on…

Because those sites are tightly themed, the appearance and re-appearance of certain keywords, tags, and titles makes those sites perform better in the search engines because the content is staying on point.

A titghly themed site also brands you as somewhat of an expert on that topic, plus your visitors are reading only extremely relevant and targeted content.

As I dicuss in my automated list building course, this is also how to build your targeted opt-in lists in a variety of similar niches on autopilot.

Every now and then my sites will lose their focus so I revist their architecture repeatedly to view the overall site with a pair of “fresh eyes” and I suggest you do them same.

If you write about a topic more than once, create a dedicated category for it, with the goal of putting 5-6 posts mimimum in there.

If you expand upon that topic even more make it a subcategory.

Category and directory organization will tell the search engines what each “silo” is about and what lies beneath it for content.

In case I went over this too quickly the silo is like a column of content with the broader topic at the top with
sub-topics and categories beneath it.

I don’t want to make this too complicated to understand so just think of how you can VISUALLY best organized your site to make it read like a table of contents.

There’s a way to make your sites into a Virtual Silo by linking strategies, too but it’s best if you organize your site so visitors and search engines get rewarded with easier navigation, and you will get rewarded by a higher amount of sticky visitors and better conversions.

There used to be a WordPres splugin that did this for you called virtual Silo but they’ve stopped selling it, and there may not be some free plugins that will allow you to create a virtual silo with a click of a button.

What the plugin does is it

specifies how you want to direct your PageRank flow
has an option to make sure you’re not posting to 2 categories at once creating duplicate content
and links to the next category in your architecture from the last post in each category

The one thing that I didn’t like about this plugin is that it sometimes created a weird-looking url slug by appending navcat and some numbers after it…

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