Link Emperor Review, Case Study and Best Practices Guide

On-page optimization suggestions- this is more important than ever these days, the on-page SEO, and I’ve always wanted to see a service that makes suggestions and points out some mistakes people made on their sites that might be hurting their ranking efforts.

Article Generation and PLR database for using as basis for seed articles and link fodder

Keyword research service- nothing out of this world, not super-superior to other keyword research software out there in the marketplace, but it does make life easier to have most if not all the tools you need for SEO under one “roof”

Link lists- you get reports of all links built

More importantly to link builders, Link Emperor offers link velocity, link volume, and automation

Article links, web 2.0 links, wiki links, press releases, private blog network links and so on…

Link Emperor Case Study- we published a Link Emperor case study and made it available available inside Marketer’s Relief, and there will be a brand new one coming out in a month or two for re-assessment and re-evaluation purposes, but as of right now the case study isn’t publicly available except through Marketer’s Relief back office and/or url mentioned in the Link Emperor Best Practices guide.

Some of the things learned from the case study have to do with structuring link tiers, what really makes for a sticky link, when to build new tier chains, and how deep to build the tiers, and all of this is covered in the Best Practices guide.

Link Emperor Best Practices Guide- This is an 8-page guide detailing things learned from the case study and from subsequent campaigns using and not using Link Emperor.

There’s an updated and somewhat specific introduction to some terms people get confused by when they think of tiered links, and how deep tiers should be and it sort of shows us how all these telltale link pyramids using link types as tiers is just plain wrong.

For example, Primary and Secondary links, what they are, WHY they are Primary or Secondary links and once again, why link types such as articles or web 2.0s shouldn’t be placed into a certain spot in a link chain based on it’s link type.

Are social links tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, or tier 4s links or all of the above, or none of the above, or something else entirely?

Same question for article links, blog network links, press releases and so on.

Where’s the usual 3-months-long, in-depth review I usually do with case study to go along with it?

I’ve recommended services to a lot of people over the past few years, and there are still people who come back and say, “this service stinks, it ruined my site, my rankings” etc.. and I know (all humility aside) that I probably know more about how to use these services properly than most people.. so it might be better to do more how-to-use-XYZ-service effectively stuff.

What’s so special about building hordes of crap links with Link Emperor, didn’t this crap-link-o-mation go bye-bye with the last 2-3 algorithm updates?

I don’t really want to get into an anti-G rant but suffice to say that after some algo updates came to light, I went white-hat, then I got fed up seeing such slow results from pure white-hat for months on end (massive quality content creation and publication, directory listings, and so forth) and decided I’d rather churn and burn than wait 3 years for results that might get wiped out in an unforeseen new algo update that might boost me up or down in the SERPs. BTW, a lot f pure white-hatters got wiped out with Penguin, don’t forget that!

I’ve seen people doing above-board irreproachable seo tactics like branding themselves out the kazoo, and while it was a new experience to see the other side of the SEO world (the white-hatters) that novelty wore thin once we saw slow results for following Google best practices.

I’ve also heard from people on my Skype that are still doing the Google best practices and getting nowhere, while people doing NO off-page SEO at all with NEW sites and getting great rankings and traffic with no link building.

Link velocity and tiered linking done consistently and properly with some smart techniques and mechanisms as described and detailed in the Link Emperor Best Practices guide will do more for your sites and rankings than sitting on your hands wondering when the search engine love will reveal itself.

It’s super-important to me that you get the guide we’ve prepared for you so you see best results with Link Emperor. Even if you join then bail out on the service for whatever reason, this guide will give you a quick understand and clarification on building link tiers properly and effectively and you can apply this towards whatever service or tool you end up using in the future.

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