How to be Googled

You may ask what does it take to be ranked by a particular search engine? Are there any guidelines? If there are, what are their focal points? For these questions, yes, search engines do have their own guidelines in page ranking and indexing. Let us take Google for example.

Who does not know Google? I’m sure that we all knew Google as perhaps one of the most popular search engines in the world of internet. Many site owners are submitting their sites to Google in order to be ranked and indexed. However, Google has three guidelines in order for your website to be ranked and shown in the search engine.

First guideline focuses on the design and content of your site. This category will tell you how does the content help in order for your page to be easily seen on the internet. Such advice like the importance of using text in your site as links instead of pictures or images. The reason is that Google recognizes the text and not the images. So using texts as link would increase the chances of you being seen on the web. They are also reminding every site owner to double check every link on their site. Broken links would affect the site’s visibility on the search engine. And probably the most important is keeping your site with consistent and reliable contents.

Second is the technical guideline. This is the category which I think the only people who can understand are the web designers and developers. This guideline gives advice on how to make your site visible in Google by checking the whole build of your site – how you can utilize every tool in order to befriend the Google spiders. And this also states that the website should be tested and viewed in different types and builds of browsers because this may also affect the visibility of your site in Google.

The third guideline is the most crucial part of all. As Google said, you may take a little note of the design and content and technical aspect of your site but you must not take the quality guideline for granted. Because one wrong move in building your site may cause its total disappearance in the world of Google. The quality guideline has two principles. The basic and the specific guidelines. The basic guidelines focuses on how should the website work for the benefit of the consumers instead of stepping on the highest ladder of page ranking. At the same time, Google has also emphasized to refrain from using applications that would be against their Terms of Service. Taking this basic guideline in mind would keep a good relationship between the website, users and Google itself.

When it comes to specific guidelines, Google has stated the exact measures that the website owner should avoid just to be on top of the page rank. Examples of these are using different sites but have the same content. Another is using adwares or malicious applications on the site. Cluttering your site with loads of irrelevant keywords is also included in the specific guidelines.

Google is making sure that every site is doing their best in order to follow the guidelines. This is not just for the benefit of the site but also for the consumer. And once the site is good to go, it can easily be submitted to Google and be indexed.

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