High PR link Services & how to use them for maximum value

To be clear, when discussing high PR link services here in this article we’re referring to the home page backlinks services.

Homepage Backlinks services are networks of sites whose domains have Page Rank and your links appear on the Home Page of these sites where the Page Rank is usually highest. Once you stop paying for these rented link, they disappear.

Before discussing maximum effect best practices, here’s a question I was asked (finally) that I want to talk about first.

“Dan, if these links are non-permanent, and go away when I don’t pay, what’s the use in that, that makes no sense, why would anyone do that?”

Here’s another question I made up, to play Devil’s Advocate…

“Why not rent banner ad space and get qualified traffic instead of renting links and SERP improvements?”

Rented ad space, renting links..what’s the diff?

Once you stop paying the traffic stops, or the SERPs drop when the links drop off…

Why is it most people’s goal to get to Page 1 for something? More traffic or for vanity SERPs …

Why do we want more traffic? Because the assumption is more traffic equals more sales.

So, if you’re ranked Page 1 already and want to move up, Home Page backlinks services are a way to accomplish this in most cases, and with ease… just keep paying…

And when you move up you’ll make more money as your traffic increases, so if it’s not worth it for you or your site to get higher rankings this way, then re-assess what you’re doing with your site, plain and simple.

If it’s not worth it for you to spend 57-97/month to rank your site higher, then what’s the point in trying to rank the site at all, for anything?

How much time and money do we spend on article writing and spinning and all that wonderful stuff?

The only article I’ve written in the past year or so has been on some niche sites I take temporary interests in, or on here at this link building site o’ mine. I’ve read tons of business books and self improvement books over the years and the one thing that’s always stood out in my head is that my time is valuable, and that I should put a price on my time.

For example, I would value my time at 200/hour

To write an article and spin it and submit it might take me 30 minutes or so (guessing here)

To do this twice would take me an hour

And the SEO value obtained from those 2 articles will not, ever…equal the value of renting links that boost SERPs, without me having to lift a finger.

This is effectiveness, to a point, but on the other hand I’ve built nothing of permanence here, I have no permanent links and I hate that quite a bit, but here’s the deal here….

When rankings increase your site should make more money, more than the cost of the service you chose to use.

Take your increased earnings (extra 500/month)
Deduct cost of services used to attain higher SERPs and earnings (200 tops)
You’re left with 300 in profit
Take the 300 and dump it into quality article submissions or some other type of high quality link building…
You break even at this point, but you’ve got a system going now
You’ve rented your way to higher earnings,
And used profits to maintain the sustainability of those increased SERPs via permanent link building methods.
OK, enough of that, on to how to use these high PR link services effectively

Link to your home page for a term that has a chance of moving up, be realistic here… high PR links services aren’t magic bullets for rankings but they sure do work well now.

Use 1-3 keywords as your anchor text if you insist, but it really doesn’t matter if you use anchor text variety here, because strictly speaking it’s not like you’re getting a whole bunch of links here, probably less than 50 with most high PR services, and if you got 50 high PR links with the same anchor text, it’s not going to cause a “disturbance in the force” due to a “lack” of variety in your inbound links’ anchor text.

However, if you’re not sure whether these links or services will work well for you, then use anchor text for a lesser competitive phrase or term, and see how that goes. Most services will allow you to change your anchor text and urls at some point, but if they know what they’re doing they’re not going to allow you to change the urls and keywords frequently.

So link to your home pages, as these most likely have the most link juice to them and will respond quickest to high powered links of this kind.

Your newly acquired home page link juice can now be passed down, throughout your site and you’ll eventually have some PR passage form main urls down to inner urls of your site, and while this may not necessarily mean those inner urls will rank higher with no extra effort, the point here is that linking to your home page with high PR links will build up the link juice to your site at the top and the juice will only flow downward and outward to the rest of your site over time.

If you link to an inner url with home page links, it hardly ever benefits your main domain url for the keywords and phrases it’s optimized for.

What about the rest of your site(s)? If you’re using high PR link services to rank your home page(s), how will you rank the inner pages and stuff?

Main domains of all sites should target the hardest keywords from the main url, and the rest of the site should be build to attract visitors by being optimized for lower volume keywords, or the long-tail.

Of course, you could also build a dedicated static home page, throw up a 800-word article optimized for 50 keywords and just focus on the home page itself and that will work, too but if you do that, then some of the keywords out of that fictitious 50 will be of the lower volume and/or lower competition variety.

And since the home page is now packing so much inbound link juice to itself, some of the easier terms you’re targeting on that dedicated home page will rank higher without needing additional links.

Am I suggesting that you build a dedicated, static home page, and to target 50 keywords on that page?

Nope, not at all, it does work well, but it also make for a rather boring read to your visitors with Internet ADHD reading habits (scan and skip).

Anyhoo, if your sites like most sites, you’re targeting only a few keyword son your home page and trying to rank inner urls for long-tails or lower volume/competition keywords, so in these cases you want to build permanent links, since the permanent links will most likely be acquired via syndication of articles that end up on PR 0 urls, not hing wrong with that though, since lower competition terms merely require link volume and not link power in order to rank, along with good on-page seo too of course.

Hope this helps… Any questions please post them below in comments section, thanks D. 🙂

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