Facebook to Help The News Industry

Originally designed as a social media network for tracking friends from college and connecting them through the web even if users are physically very far apart from each other, Facebook has indeed come a long way. Today, Facebook is considered to be then number one social media site and that its user base continues to grow everyday. Many users are hooked into the Facebook phenomena because of the fact that the website does not only offer simple exchange of message but also the opportunity to develop virtual communities not only through messaging or chat but also through the different games that were integrated within the social network site. Thus, from its origin of a simple social networking site it has evolved into society’s newest culture. Facebook has become so much of a phenomenon that many people have found new uses for the social networking site. Aside from building virtual communities the social media network can also be an avenue to market your product or services to the virtual community that you belong to. Now another use have been found for Facebook and this is to be an instrument of search engine optimisation and also as a news aggregator. This have been inferred due to the fact that Facebook have several features that may be able to compete with the existing news aggregator Google.

One such feature of Facebook that makes it a good device for becoming a good news aggregator is that new types of analytics are offered to its users or publishers, an example of this is the page owner feedback statistics which is designed to gather the thoughts of visitors to your site on whether they like the site or not.

Another feature of Facebook is that since its nature is to encourage users to build a community the field of news may be more compelling, meaning communities built would be more interested in the news than mere searchers as it gives the users an ability to interact online.

With these initial features it is being predicted that Facebook may indeed become a news aggregator and may even be able to top the current leader, Google.

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