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Email marketing is a controversial method of online marketing, over the years that such strategy is being used it had gained so much criticisms. Everyday people receive emails that do not necessarily provide what they need; these emails are mostly designed to entice the recipient of the email to avail of a product or service that is being offered. Unfortunately, this type of email are viewed by many as annoyances rather than an opportunity to get to know a product or service better. This is the reason why when there was a massive increase in receiving such emails there was a clamor to separate legitimate emails from what was termed as spam mails, thus the spam box was born.

So if these types of emails are being segregated why is it still being utilised as an online marketing strategy? This is because not all people are treating emails as spam, a good percentage of internet users worldwide are reading through all their emails and this is the opportunity that an email marketer is waiting for. So how do you actually convince someone to read through your email?

First is for you to ask permission, this is done by using or publishing newsletters or offering discounts in exchange with agreeing to receive emails from you. Permission is required in order for you not to be penalised by your ISP if and when they receive a substantial amount of complaints regarding your emails.

Second is for you to utilise only your own targeted mailing list, your mailing list may come from the offers and newsletters that your clients have agreed to receive in exchange for allowing you to send them emails, this way your email list is targeted towards the audience or niche that you want to offer your products to.

Third is to provide your prospective email recipients with a way out. This means that you do not hold them by agreeing to your terms of allowing you to send them emails, you have to provide them with an option later should they decide to stop receiving emails from you, although this strategy might let you lose some prospective clients is also shows however that you are sincere in your clients welfare and thus it says something about how legitimate your business is.

These are just some guidelines that you can implement or follow should you decide to engage in the email marketing strategy.

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