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There are loads of ways to improve your websites current online rankings when it comes to search engine optimization, involving both on-site and off-site changes. In this 1st part of our Website Optimization series, we’ll look closely at what basic and fundamental changes can be made within a current website to ensure the layout is set up in the most palatable format for search engines like Google.

Title and Page Extensions

When you’re optimizing individual pages, or even your home page, what keywords you enter in the Title of the page will be the most important piece to ensuring the basics of optimization have been done correctly. Whichever keywords you are optimizing any page for, those should be listed within the Title of that page. Also, the page extension itself should be something to use keywords in as well (except for the home page), example is as follow: “YourSite.com/Keywords.html”.

Site Navigation And Layout

The navigation and layout of your site should also be geared towards keyword optimization in as much as the keywords and links being used. If you have a specific product line or specific keywords that point to specific pages, you want to include those words in the navigation, whether on the side or top of your site. Search engines like Google crawl websites and look for keywords with links that point to pages within a standard navigation layout, you should ensure you’re formatting follows suit.

Image Tags and ALT Tags

Another way to increase your natural SEO by making changes within the pages of your site is to simply name image file extensions with keywords, as well as using keyword oriented ALT tags within the coding. This will ensure that when search engines crawl your site they will also register optimized images within the pages of your site.

By incorporating even just a few of these simplified on-site changes, cheap website optimization tactics can show you improved results. More importantly, it will ensure that your site has the proper foundation so that you can market moving forward and start to go after more valuable keywords. It’s important to do your own research into keyword selection and ways to increase SEO rankings to continue moving forward.

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