Effective SEO Website Optimization–Off Site

Yesterday we looked at what sort of changes can be made on-site to develop and increase your effective SEO website optimization. Today, we’ll look briefly at the 2nd part to proper online marketing with off-site development.

Content Development and Syndication

The most important aspect of search engine optimization is where you develop your content and where you syndicate it as well. You want to develop compelling and informative content in the form of posts, articles, etc. that are then syndicated through the most powerful channels available. Namely, high ranking authority article platforms like EzineArticles.com as well as blog syndicates like WordPress.com. These sites are well ranked and crawled by search engine spiders regularly making your content more visible to engines and end users.

Incoming Links + Anchor Text

Within the content you develop is the all important practice of including a few links that are properly enabled with anchor text. This means that you turn a specific keyword within your content into a hyperlink pointing directly to your site or specific pages that you are optimizing. Most high ranking article sites only allow this within an author bio section so take not there, as well as within the paragraphs of any blog as you have a bit more control. Don’t over do it and be sure that the links and keywords make sense within the content, never throw off the flow of your writing just to enter an anchor text link.

When it comes to Off-Site website optimization, the key is consistency. The more regularly you update and develop more high quality content, the more often search engines will crawl the information and grade your optimized pages accordingly. It’s a good idea to get into a rhythm of content development and involve book marking to boost the rankings of each post or link individually.

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