Detecting An SEO Fraud

It is every SEO company and SEO consultant’s goal to have their target website be ranked first in every search engine. This is because of the fact that ranking first in the different search engines will give you or the SEO client’s website the edge of being visited by websites. However, the main goal of search engine optimisation is to give the client the much needed traffic and the much needed revenue. Most website owners do not have the technical knowledge regarding website design and most of all in search engine optimisation that is why a lot of website owners fall prey into the traps of some unscrupulous people who promises results of astronomical proportions. One most common indicator if the Search engine optimisation company or search engine optimisation consultant is a fraud if they promise to get your website indexed and on page one immediately.

The promise of being indexed and being ranked on the first page of the search engines is considered to be a fraudulent promise because of the fact that no one can really promise or even predict page one ranking in the different search engines, fraudulence of this act may even be evident if the SEO company or SEO consultant would tell guarantee such page one ranking. Does it mean that no one can attain page one in search engine? No, of course not but rather page one might be attained after a considerable amount of time, what is suspicious is the amount of time that these fraudulent SEO companies and SEO consultants are guaranteeing.

Fraudulent SEO consultant and SEO companies may also show you result of their effort by having your website on page one, however, you do not have to only look at the fact that you are on page one but also the manner on how you got to page one of every search engines. This is where your knowledge in identifying spam or black hat SEO techniques would come in handy. Although black hat techniques would give you the desired result after some time the search engine companies would detect the use of such black hat technique that they would then be considered as spam websites thus would merit being banned from the search engines.

For a website owner it would be proper for him or her to first know the background and track record of the SEO company or SEO consultant he or she wants to engage their services in order to avoid falling prey to scammers.

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