Corporate Gift Ideas

It does not matter Whether you are a small business owner, or the executive of a big corporation, you probably know the important role of corporate gifts to the health of your business. This article evaluates the purpose of sending corporate gifts, and provides corporate gift ideas for different occasions.

The main function of corporate gifts is to build and maintain business relationship by showing appreciation to your loyal customers and business referral sources. This in turn will help to sustain and expand your customer base. Another function of corporate gifts is to promote employee loyalty and productivity. Corporate gifts can be used as incentive awards for high performance. In addition, corporate gifts can be used as prizes in corporate events.

Most businesses send corporate gifts to their clients, business contacts and employees during the holiday season, perhaps because of the Christmas shopping tradition. It is important to remember that the corporate gifts that you send reflect the company image that you would like to be perceived. Popular corporate gifts include Christmas gift baskets, gourmet gift baskets, fruit baskets, holiday gift towers or gift boxes, holiday cookies, and Christmas sweets and treats. Businesses often also send holiday gifts such as Christmas candies to their employees to promote goodwill.

However, Corporate gifts should be sent throughout the year as appropriate. For example, you can send a gourmet gift basket or fruit basket to your business referral after closing a deal. Golf gift baskets are also popular corporate gifts. This may be because this sport itself is a great networking opportunity to develop business contacts. Other popular sports gifts that are appropriate include fishing gifts, and gift baskets with NASCAR theme. For other business owners who may provide useful prospects, You may want to send an executive gift such as an executive desk caddy, which is filled with savory treats and can be placed on the desk after the treats are enjoyed. Games such as the dart board filled with treats is a popular gift.

To promote employee performance, corporate gifts can be presented to employees to recognize their high productivity. For example, corporate recognition gift can be presented to manager with top sales, or volunteer service. There are gifts designed specifically for employee recognition, such as gifts with a clear message “You are a Shining star”, or a thank you gift for their contribution. Corporate gifts can also be sent to employee for their birthdays, arrival of a new baby, or get well.

Corporate gift baskets also make great prizes in corporate events such as the company picnic, company holiday party, or fund raising for charities. Corporate gifts can be used as prizes in raffles, or as awards for employee who raised the most money.

In summary, corporate gifts can be used to build new business contacts and sustain customer loyality. They can also be used to promote employee performance. Business owners should recognize the benefits of sending corporate gifts, and use them regularly to build and expand their businesses.

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