Cheap Website SEO Pitfalls To Avoid

When marketing a business online, there are multiple routes to achieving high SEO results from a few simple practices. However, concurrently, there is a multitude of different way to do cheap SEO incorrectly and damage potential or current natural rankings.

Here are a few examples of what NOT to do when trying to optimize your website.

  1. Never Duplicate Content

It is vital to the success of your marketing campaigns that any content you develop and/or upload to the web is 100% unique and not copied at all. Even your own content should be used a single time when posting it. You can syndicate with RSS feed, but every post should be completely unique and informative.

  1. Don’t Go After Broad Terms

Another major problem facing most business owners is what keywords should they select to optimize for. Many go after more competitive broad terms where it can be tough to rank and even harder to maintain positions. It’s important to go after longer tailed words and more specific buying or name brand terminologies

  1. Never Use An Automatic Submitter

Because many business owners are busy, we tend to all look for short cuts and easier ways of doing things. This can be a critical misjudgment when it comes to SEO and using article or content spinners. Creating dummy or spun articles puts you on the fast track to getting all your rankings removed and none of your articles approved as you can never replace content written by a real person. Google knows and so do all the other search engines.

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