Bing Getting Serious In the Competition

For over several months now Microsoft have been implementing strategies that would help augment their search engine services as well as their online advertising services. These actions are being done in order to develop or improve their ranking in terms of internet users share, where the highest share is currently with the search engine giant Google. Google have been a dominant force in the field of search engine and online advertising apart from they have been successful in some other areas such as offering features like the webmasters tools. The integration of different tools have also been one of Microsofts thrusts in order to gain more internet users. This is the reason why Microsoft’s Bing have merged with the pioneer in the field of internet search, Yahoo. Their merger is one of the perceived steps into gaining more internet users. Another of these perceived steps are the development of their search engine that would include search results from the computational search engine tool Wolfram Alpha. Wolfram alpha is a different type of a search engine as its algorithm pertains to actionable data instead of just showing a bunch of links. Therefore, expect that searches entered into Bing that would pertain to actionable data results from Wolfram Alpha would be integrated in Bings Search engine results page. This upgrade to Bing is just another step into achieving Bing’s grand plan of becoming the first company to topple the search engine giant Google and make their mark not only in the operating systems but also in the field of search engines and online services.

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