Beware Of PPC Fraud

In addition to someone’s SEO campaign, another marketing strategy that is being employed is the PPC or pay-per-click marketing technique. PPC works as the name implies, pay-per-click. The company who needs advertising would register to the advertising firm that offers PPC marketing or advertising method, an advertisement that has a link to the company website would then be released by the advertising firm and once a potential client clicks on the said link the company would be charged of a certain click fee. So basically payment will only be required once a potential client clicks on the link being advertised.

Throughout the years, every new marketing technique that would emerge is usually abused by some people who would like to make a quick buck at the expense of another. PPC marketing method is not exempted from those abuses, in the past years several PPC fraud techniques had emerged and most of which had benefitted the people employing such method or techniques. Legitimate businesses and companies are suffering from these kinds of PPC frauds and as a legitimate business and company you have to arm yourself with the necessary information on how the different PPC frauds work because from it you will be able to come up with a solution to combat such fraudulent marketing techniques.

One type of PPC fraud is when a competitor clicks on the other company’s link but has no intention of purchasing or availing the target company’s products or services respectively. Since PPC works by paying the advertising firm each time the company link to their website is clicked, the target company will then lose money due to the fact that no actual sale will benefit said company.

A variation of the fraudulent act stated above is when groups or individuals who benefits from the PPC will click an advertisement with no intent of availing the services or products of the company, they will then collect the amount gained from the target company paying due to the click done to the link while the legitimate company will then lose money by paying up but without the so called return of investment.
One of the largest form of PPC fraud is somewhat likened to the cloaking SEO spamming technique. This technique is employed through hiring people to click and read web contents and generate revenue from it, what the people hired to do this doesn’t know is that they are actually clicking on a paid advertisement. The revenue is divided among the group who initiated the act, the people hired to click and read the ads and its contents and the search engine.

As the world of internet marketing continuously evolves so as the fraudulent techniques, legitimate businesses can only combat these types of frauds if through awareness of these different fraudulent techniques.

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