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This system works the same as LinkVana but it has different levels of membership, and just to show you how cool Dave Kelley from LinkVana is about having competition, Dave’s got a testimonial on BackLink Solution’s sales page.

Note: It is extremely rare in the SEO world to see a competitor giving a testimonial on another’s sales page.

The upside to BackLink Solutions: varying degrees of membership levels so you’re not paying LinkVana prices for LinkVana-quality backlinks.

The higher membership level promises more links from better quality sites, ranging from Page Rank 2-5… this level also offers social bookmarking which is essential for adding to the variety of backlinks your sites are getting (good SEO practice there and these social bookmarking links aren’t available with LinkVana, which is why Backlink solutions is now the #1 recommended service).

The downside to BackLink Solutions:

At first login, the back office is really, really confusing, but can be made VERY simple to use with my method for using this service, then it goes from extremely hard to navigate to “too easy”…

NOTE: I also made a video that explains how to use this service and get up to speed quickly so the back office drawback has been fixed (by yours truly’s video tutorial)

The lower level membership has less than 300 blogs, but higher level would give you access to 600 plus blogs, which is even more powerful.

Length of time testing:

1. Close to 2 months now at lower membership level which definitely works well.
2. Upgraded to higher level membership at end of 2 months to test the differences between the 2 levels


BackLink Solutions works well, and I recommend joining at the lower Associate Level for a month, see how well it works, then upgrading to the full membership from inside your member’s area after 28 days.

That’s the only way to get their full membership right now, which the sales page says is closed.

It’s not really closed, just join as an associate and try it out for 28 days then upgrade to full membership before the lower level subscriptions auto-renews. By then you’ll know how well this works and you’ll feel comfortable upgrading…

NOTE: I am trying to delay recommending linkbuilding services until after 90 days has passed, but BLS made it pretty easy to determine how well it works.

UPDATE: Been a member for 5-plus months, 3 as an upgraded member, and still very pleased with the service and recommending it wholeheartedly.

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