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Since he’s from Austria and we discussed the test via Skype, it took about 2 hours to come up with a test that would be a fair representation of the effects of using Backlink Excellence’s service.

Backlink Excellence offers a profiles “blasting” service, and the admin cautioned me… ” don’t confuse us with those crappy cheap profile blasting services” since his service (allegedly) does higher end kind of profiles link building.

In my head, I was thinking : “So what exactly could a “high end” to this kind of (crappy yet effective) link building be, as compared to the generic mainstream services out there like Drip Feed Blasts, Mega Link Blaster, Link Aloha, Monster Backlinks etc….?

Apparently the answer is, you target better forums, CMSes, platforms etc…. and you focus on placing links on places that get spidered frequently enough so you don’t have to spend a lot of time post-link blast getting your links noticed, spidered, indexed etc…

I’ve used bunches of these xrumer like services and the lower end ones, while cheaper…. seem to take a while to produce benefits, and also require more work on my end, to grab those urls, make a list, split them into feeds, or index them however I can.

Anyway, you probably don’t want to hear me babble on about SEO and what-not and just want to know the case study/test/review, right?

OK, Backlink Excellence case study….

This will be a 3 month review, perhaps shorter, seeing as how the seo competition here isn’t that strong.

Disclosure: Admin gave me the first month free as a review copy, but I insisted on a 3 month review to maintain the integrity of the test in multiple ways. I’ll be paying for months 2 and 3 of the service

One site for the test – After lots of back and forth with the admin we decided to find a site of mine that’s aged a bit, has some PR to it, is getting some traffic, and not on page 1 for any really competitive terms.

Site has over 114 indexed links according to YSE, and is over 2 years old, with a Page Rank of 1, not that these PR and YSE numbers really matter, but just more data for you to chew on, and hopefully it helps both of us make an assessment on the value (or lack thereof) to using Backlinks Excellence.

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