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Wikis are now THE “trust rank” building backlink type to get, according to all the Special Offers I’ve been pointed to by readers. Most people are offering services that include wiki links and social links as part of their overall guaranteed rankings increases packages.

However, what makes wikis so special now is because they’re an under-utilized link type, meaning that you probably don’t have this type of link type yet, therefore are lacking in some link diversity. Nowadays, it cannot hurt to have links like this to your sit, and I have seen some rankings improvements after adding this type of link to your inbound links portfolio.

I’m love automation, so this automated wiki links service is what I bought recently because it comes from a guy I trust and respect and I’m happy to say that it works (already).

I wish I could give you a longer review with case studies and what-not but I just haven’t had time , or rather…WE haven’t had enough time to let the dust settle from all the recent algo updates, to then do proper testing for 3 months on a whole slew of urls… so you are just going to have to trust me on this one.

Who is this NOT for?

This is not for the person who can only afford one service, and decides that automated wiki links are the ONLY type he/she is going to get instead of just only automated article links, or just only social links…

Link Diversity is a big key to ranking well nowadays, some of it has to do with link types, and link sources.

Wiki links aren’t magic pills, but their a trust link type and you’ll need to creates lots of them manually to have a lot of them “stick” or you can have a have lot created for you automatically and have some stick.

Who should get this?

Someone like me who says, “yea I never bought into that whole wiki and edu trusted links stuff but since nowadays everything I read says that I NEED all sorts of link diversity, so maybe I should get on board with adding wikis”. Maybe you wouldn’t have said it exactly like that, but wikis are somewhat of a trusted source for backlinks, they get deleted often by admins, a lot have to be created in order for some to stick, and it would take you forever to find and build your own wiki links source lists.

Recent Algo updates have put the fear of G into people and they’re running scared. SEOs are out looking for jobs because they were too heavily reliant on one method of ranking. I know what’s working right now, and it’s almost too easy to do, but in the meantime adding this automation to your arsenal will work, almost just as well as the time consuming brain-bending whitehat stuff that’s working well now, too.

That’s exactly the reason why I got this service, and why I’m adding to my automation, not decreasing it, and it’s helping me rank stuff when added to other link types I’m already getting (bolded, underlined and italicized for a reason! 🙂 )

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