Adsense Success In 5 Easy Steps

Adsense has changed the way most websites make money. Now days any webmaster can start displaying Google ads completely free and start earning money the next day. Google will pay you on a pay-per-click basis, meaning that for each click your get you will be paid a small sum. Google will display ads that are relevant to your page. The amount of money paid per click varies depending on the popularity of your topic. If your page is about “buying second hand cars” and lots of people want to advertise about “second hand cars” you will be paid more … get the idea. With this information in mind we are going to set about creating as many small adsense sites or free blogs as possible, each targeting these high paying and popular phrases, otherwise known as “keywords.” I have broken the process down into 5 easy to follow steps.

Step 1

Look around the room and make a huge list of everything in it. This is simply a brainstorming idea and is by no means necessary. Do this for each room and chose what topic you want to make your website or free blog about. Once you have done this use to enter your chosen topic and a relevant list of keywords will be displayed. Pick some keywords that you could write about.

Step 2

Create either a free blog on or a small website and start creating some short articles or other form of content that is relevant. An alternative method is to use articles from websites like You should aim for at least 5 pages or posts, if it’s a blog.

Step 3

Create a free Adsense account, at and start displaying Google Ads on your blog or website. People have written entire ebooks about the best positioning and style of ads to use so there are many resources out there that can help you. But ultimately what you should be aiming to do is to blend them into your page as much as possible and almost make it seem as if they are part of the information you are giving and not just ads.

Step 4

Create a MySpace account and get some targeted traffic by finding people and groups that are interested in your topic. You can also find forums about your topic and include it in your signature. Try and tell as many people about your website, not just friends and families.

Step 5

After a bit of practice one of these small websites or blogs can be step up in about 10 – 15 minutes and for each site you can expect to $1 – $10 providing they have low traffic. Now the trick to succeed with this method is produce as many different sites as you can using your list you made earlier. For example if you can make 10 sites you will making about $100 every day. If after one year you have made 100 sites that is $1,000 a day!

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