6 most common myths about organic seo

The world of internet today, is so full of webmasters who race amongst themselves to get on top in terms of their site rankings on various search engines.
For that, they undergo various organic seo tricks to achieve better ROI and improve their rankings.

There are many organic seo companies that are entangled in one or the other organic seo myths.
In this article we will discuss about various myths that has kept the SEO companies in the shadows.

Myth1- The copy sent for optimisation should be of 250 words

The number of words on the web page is one of the most prevalent myth. It is always believed that the shorter copies are more more impactable than the longer ones.
There aren’t any rules that proves it. But a word count of at least 250 words with a keyword density of approximately 2 per cent is accepted by almost all the major search engines.

Myth2- Url submission to the search engines in necessary

The URL submission no longer bring good results in terms of high search engine rankings. Earlier submitting URL was effective as compared to now. However if you want to submit the Url’s to the search engines, it isn’t bad at all.

Myth3- Header tags can boost organic rankings

The header tags like H1, H2 should only be used when they are required. They are used to complement the webpage from the design point of view. As far as header tags influencing the search engine rankings of an SEO company is concerned, there aren’t much evidence related to it.

Myth4- Meta keywords are compulsary on the webpage

Out of many myths, one of the most common myth about various organic seo companies is that, the meta keywords must be used on the web page. Meta keywords are used, as it is not possible to use all the keywords on the webpages.
Therefore by using meta keywords, you increase the chances of higher rankings of web pages. So it is not necessary to use all the meta keywords on the web page.

Myth5- PPC ads influence the rankings

There are many webmasters that believes, PPC ads support the organic SEO campaigns. But it isn’t true that google Adwords affect an SEO campaign. The PPC ads neither influence the SEO campaign negatively, nor positively.
In short, PPC ads has nothing to do with the rankings of any website.

Myth6- It is necessary to optimise a website for long tail keywords

The long tail keywords are neither popular with the Seo companies nor with the searchers. Being not that competitive, searchers normally doesn’t look up for them.
However there is no point to rank higher for those keywords that are not popular and the keywords that no one searches.

These are a few ubiquitous myths related to the organic search engine optimisation that must be avoided by the webmasters while performing the task of optimisation.
Organic search engine optimisation is said to be one of the best methods of optimising your site, thus it should be performed skilfully.

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