3 Questions To Answer When Using SEO Specialists

If you’re looking to improve your organic search results and really start to go after some competitive terms that would be valuable to your business, it can be critical to employ the help of a trained SEO specialist. Here are a few questions to answer with your SEO pro before starting any content development, on-site or incoming.

  1. What are your goals?

Knowing exactly what you’re looking to get out of natural search engine optimization is the first item to discuss.What are your current organic standings right now, how is the competition level, are you seeing any results currently? By knowing what you want and letting your SEO expert in on that information can best help them determine the most effective route to achieve those goals you have in mind.

  1. Are you ready to commit?

SEO in itself, even when done by leading professionals, typically takes 3-4 months to see direct results for in competitive markets, and up to 6 months to really engrain those rankings. The faster you start to utilize a professional copywriter to go after keywords you’re looking to place highly for, the faster you can see results in the short and long term. You want to keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing process and maintenance and upkeep must be kept in mind. If you’re serious about ranking high on search engines for free, you need to be ready to commit and make a move in the right direction.

  1. How will you track results?

It’s extremely important that you’re able to track results, not only to see where new sales and leads are coming from through search engines, but also to ensure that the SEO consultants you’ve hired are really producing the results they said they would. There are loads of tools out there that should be utilized to get the best statistics and reporting on where traffic is coming from, keywords, content, sites and more. Simple tools like Google analytics or Statcounter are great free tools that should be utilized to get the best idea of the work that is getting done for your business. As you’re paying for services, you want to make sure that they’re getting done and your business is really seeing results from the work that is being completed.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of SEO firms out there and not all of them will be able to produce the same level of effective results. When it comes to organic search engine results there is a fine line between seeing the benefit when done correctly and seeing no results at all. Be sure to do some research into any SEO specialists you’re considering and always speak with a company rep to understand how they can help you gain the results you’re looking for.

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