Inbound links are a great way to improve your rankings in search engines. Here are 21 ways that you can increase your inbound links.

– Write interesting and helpful content for your website. Some of the best advertising is word of mouth, so give your website visitors something to talk about.

– Publish a website newsletter.

– Write articles for submission to authority websites

– Come right out and ask your visitors to tell others about your website.

– Ask website owners within your niche market for free one-way links and/or reciprocal links.

– Ask your mailing list subscribers to tell others about your website.

– Submit your website for inclusion in free directories.

– Advertise on websites within your niche market.

– Advertise in print media publications within your niche market.

– Submit press releases to announce newsworthy occurrences regarding your website, and include links directing visitors to specific pages.

– Give away a short, free report or e-book, and include two or three relevant links to your website within the content.

– Write articles for your website and put a resource box at the end, including your name, the name of your website, and the URL.(To avoid duplicate content issues, I recommend you not give anyone permission to use these articles on other websites.)

– Send a “thank you” e-mail message to each of your customers, and include a link to your website.

– Join forums related to your niche market, and partici- pate in the discussions on a frequent basis. If allowed, include your first name and website address at the end of all your contributions.

– Where applicable, provide testimonials on other web- sites regarding their services, products, or information, and always include your first name and website address at the end of your recommendations.

– Ask other website owners to review your website,services, or products and publish this review on their site, followed by your name and website address.

– Start an affiliate program for products or services sold on your website.

– Advertise in major pay-per-click programs, focusing on very specific niche-market keywords or keyword phrases.

– Advertise in small newsletters within your niche market, and include your website name and website address in the advertisement.

– Create a “Link To Me” page, and include the HTML code you would like people to use when establishing a link to your website.

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