Backlinks, how & where to get backlinks, where to buy backlinks

Backlinks, how and where to get backlinks, should you buy backlinks, where to buy backlinks, backlink attributes, link building methods…all discussed here This page used to be a rant on a crappy backlinks related product I bought but has now been rewritten as part of the true content curation people […]

Backlink Excellence Review, Results

Since he’s from Austria and we discussed the test via Skype, it took about 2 hours to come up with a test that would be a fair representation of the effects of using Backlink Excellence’s service. Backlink Excellence offers a profiles “blasting” service, and the admin cautioned me… ” don’t […]

Back from the dead

BEGIN: Site and SEO stuff Firstly, running a legit review site is something I take seriously, and while most people will tend to think of me as an authority on link building the facts are: SEO is ever-changing, some types of links and link building methods don’t work anymore the […]

Automated Wiki Links Service

Wikis are now THE “trust rank” building backlink type to get, according to all the Special Offers I’ve been pointed to by readers. Most people are offering services that include wiki links and social links as part of their overall guaranteed rankings increases packages. However, what makes wikis so special […]

About Specialist Online Marketing

Experienced Online Marketing Specialists although also very young too! Peter Van Zelst, the founder of Specialist Online Marketing, has over a decade’s experience of building and developing e-commerce and online businesses and internet marketing. In addition, he has nearly 20 years experience in traditional ‘offline’ business and understands what makes […]

Facebook to Help The News Industry

Originally designed as a social media network for tracking friends from college and connecting them through the web even if users are physically very far apart from each other, Facebook has indeed come a long way. Today, Facebook is considered to be then number one social media site and that […]

Email Marketing Secrets

Email marketing is a controversial method of online marketing, over the years that such strategy is being used it had gained so much criticisms. Everyday people receive emails that do not necessarily provide what they need; these emails are mostly designed to entice the recipient of the email to avail […]

Email Marketing: A Call to Action

To advertise your product and your company website it is imperative that you have to exhaust all legitimate means and ways. SEO consultants and SEO companies nowadays do not only focus on purely search engine optimisation to gain traffic and even gain conversions or clients. Some SEO companies have resorted […]

Detecting An SEO Fraud

It is every SEO company and SEO consultant’s goal to have their target website be ranked first in every search engine. This is because of the fact that ranking first in the different search engines will give you or the SEO client’s website the edge of being visited by websites. […]

Criteria in Choosing the Right Keyword in a PPC Campaign

Pay-per-click or commonly known as PPC is a strategy that would require the utilisation of some finances, in fact that strategy would entail the use of a big chunk of your budget. Although the process involved the use of finances its return of investment is promising because of the fact […]